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History of “False Flag” Coups

History of “False Flag” Coups

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There has been speculation that a coup attempt that occurred recently was staged or a "false flag" operation undertaken by the ruling party in order to allow the dominant ruler greater power.

My question is: has a "false flag" or staged coup ever occurred in history in order to justify greater power of a ruler, or a crackdown on opposition? Please provide a list of examples.

EDIT: The closest example I have found of an attempted but failed false coup (since the coup got out of hand and actually occurred) was plotted by Ngô Đình Nhu, to occur in 1963 South Vietnam, and named Operation Bravo

What you're looking for is a self-coup I think? Wikipedia offers a small list of (alleged) examples.

Some of the better examples:

  • King Gyanendra of Nepal - 2005
  • Boris Yeltsin of Russia - 1993
  • Alberto Fujimori of Peru - 1992
  • Poland - 1981 (Similarities with whats happening in Turkey)
  • Juan María Bordaberry of Uruguay - 1973

The most know alleged False-Flag Coup however:

  • With the Fire at the Reichtstag - Although it still remains unproven

Gulf of Tonkin is just one. LBJ and McNamara Whitehouse tapes at LBJ library prove false flag. They talked days before about provoking an attack (which never happened.) On the day of the supposed attack they talk about what to put out to the media as they had days before. In later years LBJ even admitted this in interviews. This led to the gulf of Tonkin resolution which took the Vietnam war to full stride. You also have Operation North Woods, Downing Street memos about Iraq between Bush and Blair both of which didn't occure but were planned. You also have the burning of the Reichstage by Hitler and the burning of Rome by Nero. The last two derive from strong theory but both are very strong by what we do know as was the sinking of the USS Maine. These are some I've research very heavy. If nothing else, for the later, ones to be further looked in to.

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