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(AN-55: dp. 1,275 (tl.), 1. 194'6" b. 37'0"; dr. 13'6"
(lim.); s. 12.1 k. (tl.); cpl. 56; a. i 3"; cl. Ailanthus)

Torchwood (YN-74) was laid down on 22 June 1943 at Stockton, Calif., by the Pollock-Stockton Shipbuilding Co., redesignated AN-55 on 20 January 1944; launched on 19 February 1944; sponsored by Mrs. Henry F. Bruns; and commissioned at San Francisco on 12 May 1944.

After fitting-out, Torchwood cleared San Francisco on 3 June 1944 and arrived in San Pedro, Calif., two days later to begin a month of training. On 3 July, she put to sea, bound for Hawaii, and arrived at Pearl Harbor on the 11th. After almost a fortnight in the Hawaiian Islands, she got underway on 23 July and shaped a course for the southwestern Pacific. She made a brief stop at Funafuti in the Elliee Islands on 7 August and, 10 days later reached Milne Bay, New Guinea, where she reported for duty with the 7th Fleet. Torchwood served in the anchorage at Milne Bay through mid-September and then moved forward to support the landings in the Netherlands East Indies at Morotai. By early December, she was at Manus in the Admiralty Islands, but she got underway again on the 4th and returned to Milne Bay on the 6th. Three days later, she moved on to Hollandia, where she operated for a month from 14 December 1944 to 15 January 1945. After a short tour of duty at Woendi—between 18 and 25 January—she returned to Hollandia, where she served until late June.

On 2 July 1945, Torchwood took station in Leyte Gulf with the underwater defense forces and remained there through the end of the war. On 17 November 1945, she headed back to the United States and, after stops at
Eniwetok and Pearl Harbor reached San Francisco on 22 December. On 7 January 1946, she headed south and two days later, arrived in San Pedro, her base until 7 July when she sailed for Hawaii. The ship entered Pearl Harbor on the 16th, and remained there until 24 August when she got underway for the western Pacific.

After two very brief stops—one at Eniwetok and the other at Guam—Torchwood arrived in Subic Bay in the Philippines on 14 September. There, she reported to the Commander, Philippine Sea Frontier, to await decommissioning for her transfer to the government of China by the Foreign Liquidation Commission. On 2 October, she departed Subic Bay and headed for China. She arrived in Shanghai on the 7th and, on the 26th, was decommissioned. That same day, she was turned over to the Foreign Liquidation Commission which, in turn, transferred her to the Chinese Maritime Customs Service. Torchwood's name was struck from the Navy list on 23 April 1947.

Chapter One: getting the team together

Eve Myles (Gwen): I was at the National Theatre, and the producer and the casting director had written me a note to say they were going to see the show, and would I meet them later for a drink? Of course! So I come off stage, and go to meet them. I sat down. "Would you like a drink?" "Oh, I&rsquod love a glass of wine, that would be lovely." "Okay, a glass of wine for you &ndash now, I&rsquom going to get to this really quickly because I know you&rsquore in a rush, but Russell T Davies has written a thirteen-part drama with John Barrowman and yourself as the leads, are you free next year? By the way, don&rsquot tell anybody."

Jobbing young actress, living in London, skint, and this lady is standing there going "Would you be prepared to give up next year to work with Russell T Davies?" And I said "That sounds lovely."

She described the first scene, where the boy&rsquos dead in the rain&hellip And I said, "This is incredible, this is brilliant. Okay, I&rsquoll phone my agent tomorrow and check what&rsquos going on, but if it was up to me, I&rsquod love to do it, please, I really would." They said, "We cannot express how secret this is, you cannot tell anybody until we release the press release and speak to your agent."

I went home to the flat I was staying at with Lyndsey Marshal, who&rsquos a massive actress, and she&rsquos in bed &ndash I knock on her door with a bottle of whiskey, and I don&rsquot drink whiskey. I tell her, we drink the bottle, then we ate a barrel of cheese with our hands in bed, and the next morning I woke up thinking it was a dream. Then my agent phoned me, and that&rsquos how it happened.

Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto): I read an article that said that Russell T Davies was planning to create a show that was a spin-off from Doctor Who, but more for adults, and set in Cardiff, and as soon as I read that I thought, "Wow, that would be a dream come true to be involved with something like that." Not only did it sound interesting, but it would be a job that took me back to Wales from London. It ticked all the boxes in terms of what I was interested in and where it was shot. I had an audition, I was trying not to get my hopes up too much.

Kai Owen (Rhys): I remember hearing about this new series that was going to be taking place &ndash Russell T Davies was writing a Doctor Who spin-off that was going to be set in Cardiff, so pretty much every Welsh actor on the planet&rsquos ears pricked up. I got a call to go in and meet Bryan Kelly, the director, and Sophie Fante [producer], for the role of Rhys, Gwen&rsquos boyfriend.

Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto): I read for a different character, because there weren&rsquot too many lines for Ianto in the first season. I think it went okay, nothing too mind-blowing happened in the audition. Three weeks later, I was about to get on the train to audition for a Noel Coward play in North Wales, and just as I was about to step on to the train, my agent phoned to say I&rsquove got the job. It took a while to sink in, I&rsquod been in London for five years, doing bit parts here and there, and now I&rsquom a regular in a show I&rsquom really interested in &ndash a dream come true.

Kai Owen (Rhys): I was told Rhys would be a semi-regular character. And then we did the read-through at Cardiff, the first table read, and I spoke to Richard Stokes afterwards, the first producer, and said "Look, any idea what the plan is for Rhys?" And he said "We want him around for six episodes, really." That&rsquos all I thought it was going to be. "Oh marvellous to be part of this, no problems whatsoever."

Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto): I thought he was going to be the equivalent to the red shirt guys in Star Trek, he was going to have a few lines in a few episodes and kick the bucket quite early on, without story development so people weren&rsquot too attached to him.

It was quite an organic process, how the character grew &ndash I don&rsquot think they knew exactly where he was going to go and what was going to happen, but I think they enjoyed the chemistry between Ianto and Jack, and they enjoyed the deadpan dryness I brought to the role. So they kept him on and gave me really juicy, lovely episodes.

List of Auxiliaries of The United States Navy - Net Laying Ships (AN)

&ldquo Haven’t you heard, though,
About the ships where war has found them out
At sea, about the towns where war has come
Through opening clouds at night with droning speed
Further o’erhead than all but stars and angels
And children in the ships and in the towns? &rdquo
&mdashRobert Frost (1874�)

&ldquo Shuttles in the rocking loom of history,
the dark ships move, the dark ships move,
their bright ironical names
like jests of kindness on a murderer’s mouth &rdquo
&mdashRobert Earl Hayden (1913�)

&ldquo The violent illiteracies of the graffiti, the clenched silence of the adolescent, the nonsense cries from the stage-happening, are resolutely strategic. The insurgent and the freak-out have broken off discourse with a cultural system which they despise as a cruel, antiquated fraud. They will not bandy words with it. Accept, even momentarily, the conventions of literate linguistic exchange, and you are caught in the net of the old values, of the grammars that can condescend or enslave. &rdquo
&mdashGeorge Steiner (b. 1929)

&ldquo So, laying his cheek against the dresser’s wooden one,
He died making up stories, the ones
Not every child wanted to listen to. &rdquo
&mdashJohn Ashbery (b. 1927)

Post-war operations [ edit | edit source ]

On 17 November 1945, she headed back to the United States and, after stops at Eniwetok and Pearl Harbor, reached San Francisco on 22 December. On 7 January 1946, she headed south and, two days later, arrived in San Pedro, California, her base until 7 July when she sailed for Hawaii. The ship entered Pearl Harbor on the 16th, and remained there until 24 August when she got underway for the western Pacific.

After two very brief stops—one at Eniwetok and the other at Guam -- Torchwood arrived in Subic Bay in the Philippines on 14 September. There, she reported to the Commander, Philippine Sea Frontier, to await decommissioning for her transfer to the government of China by the Foreign Liquidation Commission. On 2 October, she departed Subic Bay and headed for China.

Torchwood New Era

Torchwood New Era, formerly titled Torchwood Rebirth, is a series based on the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood. It is an installment of DW2012 Universe and a spin-off of Doctor Who FanFilm. The series centers on the crew of Torchwood consisting of Captain Fraser Ward and Tommy Benton after Operation: Torchwood Rebirth revived the organization.

The series was first teased as a backdoor pilot in the Doctor Who FanFilm episode The Arkhallon Trance. Both characters, Lauren Miller and Tommy Benton, from the minisode reappeared in the Doctor Who FanFilm episode How Time Files as a guest star and a companion of the Purple Doctor respectively.

As of January 26, 2019, the DW2012 released one minisode. On August 19, 2019, Scarecrow Props reuploaded the minisode, appearing to move the series to the channel. As of June 20, 2020, Scarecrow Props also released an audio season along with an episode.

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#55 | History of Texans Numbers

What's in a number? HoustonTexans.com is taking a look back at the numerical roster of the franchise, and going over every number that's been worn in team history. From the memorable ones like 99, 80, and 4, to some that might not ring a bell, we've got them all covered.

Benardrick McKinney, ILB 2015-Current

A second round draftee out of Mississippi State, McKinney has been a leader on defense since arriving in 2015. A Pro Bowler in 2018, he's quickly risen up the franchise tackles leaderboard. McKinney is currently fourth all-time on the Texans, behind Brian Cushing, DeMeco Ryans and Kareem Jackson.

McKinney has tallied 100 or more tackles in three of the last four seasons, and in 2016, he was the only player in the NFL that season to finish with 100 or more tackles and five or more sacks.

He's started 73 games as a Texan.

Chris Myers, C 2008-2014

Nobody's worn the number 55 longer than Myers, one of the finest offensive linemen in team history. Two times a Pro Bowler, he was a leader up front for the Texans when the franchise finally turned the corner and posted a winning record for the first time in 2009, and then made the first playoff run in 2011.

Acquired via trade from Denver in 2008, Myers flourished in Houston, starting all 16 games in the seven seasons he was a Texan. In 2011 he earned his first Pro Bowl nod, and went back to Hawaii the following year as well.

Myers spent 10 years in the NFL after playing on the mighty Miami Hurricanes squads of the early 2000's.

Danny Clark, LB 2007

Clark played a season in Houston in 2007, starting eight games at linebacker, and appearing in five others. He registered 51 tackles, forced a fumble and picked off a pass.

In 2004 and 2005 as an Oakland Raider, he rang up over a 100 tackles each season. Clark was drafted out of Illinois in 2000, and spent 11 years in the NFL, also playing with the Jaguars, Saints and Giants.

Drew Hodgdon, C 2005-2007 (wore #55 in 2006)

A Texan for three years, Hodgdon was drafted out of Arizona State in the fifth round of the 2005 NFL Draft.

He would start a total of eight games in his three-year career, with five of those coming in 2006.

Kenneth Pettway, LB 2005

Pettway was a 7th-round pick of the Texans in 2005, but never saw game action with the club. His rookie year was spent mostly on the practice squad, and in December he made the 53-man roster. However, he was inactive for three games. Pettway was let go after training camp, and he wound up playing two seasons with the Jaguars, and another with the Packers.

Jamie Sharper, LB 2002-2004

An original Texan, Sharper joined the team in the expansion draft of 2002 from Baltimore.

With Houston, his finest season came in 2003, when he led the NFL with 164 tackles. He was named the club's MVP, and was also the Texans' Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee.

In three seasons as a Texan, Sharper piled up tackles, finishing with 137 or more in each of those years.

He won a Super Bowl ring as a starter with the Ravens in 2000, and during his final NFL season of 2005 he helped get the Seahawks to their first-ever Super Bowl appearance. Sharper retired after nine NFL seasons, and spent the 2013 preseason with the Texans as a scouting intern.


Torchwood là một chương trình truyền hình viễn tưởng của Anh được tạo ra bởi Russel T Davies, một chương trình ăn theo của show truyền hình Doctor Who (2005), được lên sóng trong 4 mùa từ 2006 đến 2011. Bộ phim được chuyển kênh phát sóng theo từng mùa để phản ánh sự phát triển của khán giả chuyển từ kênh BBC Three sang BBC Two sang BBC One và cuối cùng nhận được hỗ trợ tài chính từ Hoa Kỳ cho mùa thứ tư khi nó trở thành một sản phẩm hợp tác giữa đài BBC One và Starz. Torchwood nhắm đến đối tượng là người trưởng thành và thanh thiếu niên, khác với đối tượng khán giả hướng đến của Doctor Who là cả người lớn và trẻ em. Ngoài khoa học viễn tưởng, bộ phim còn khai thác nhiều chủ đề khác như chủ nghĩa hiện sinh, đồng tính, lưỡng tính và sự tha hóa của con người.

Torchwood theo chân hành trình khám phá của một nhóm các thợ săn người ngoài hành tinh, người đã tạo nên căn cứ Cardiff, Viện Torchwood chủ yếu đối mặt với các biến cố có liên quan đến các thực thể ngoài Trái Đất. Nhân vật trung tâm của bộ phim là đội trưởng Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) một tay ma cô bất tử đến từ tương lai Jack đầu tiên xuất hiện trong phần phim 2005 của Doctor Who. Dàn diễn viên ban đầu của bọ phim gồm Gareth David-Lloyd, Burn Gorman, Naoko Mori và Eve Myles. Những nhân vật này đều là các chuyên gia của đội Torchwood, thường xuyên truy lùng người ngoài hành tinh và bảo vệ Trái Đất khỏi mối đe dọa từ người ngoài hành tinh và những con người bất chính. Trong 2 phần đầu bộ phim chủ yếu lấy vết nứt thời gian tại Cardiff để tạo cốt truyện, giải thích cho việc người ngoài hành tinh xuất hiện nhiều tại Cardiff. Trong các phần phim ba và bốn Torchwood hoạt động như một tổ chức lưu vong. Nhân vật của Gorman và Mori được loại khỏi mạch truyện trong cuối phần hai. Nhân vật của Kai Owen được trở thành nhân vật chính trong phần phim thứ ba, cũng do David-Lloyd viết kịch bản. Sau đó,các diễn viên Mỹ, Mekhi Phifer, Alexa Havins, và Bill Pullman cũng xuất hiện trong phần bốn.

Phần đầu tiên lần đầu phát sóng trên BBC Three và BBC HD vào năm 2006 để nhận đánh giá, nhưng tỉ suất lượt xem đã phá vỡ kỉ lục của kênh truyền hình số. Bộ phim trở lại và năm 2008 và được lên sóng trên kênh BBC Two, và nhận được ngân sách cao hơn, với tông màu không đều, là một lời chỉ trích từ ngay phần một, nhanh chóng dịu đi và bộ pim nhận được tỉ suất người xem cao hơn và những đánh giá tích cực hơn. Phần phim thứ ba được thực hiện với ngân sách cao hơn nữa và được chuyển sang đài BBC One trong một serie 5 tập tựa đề "Torchwood: những đứa con của Trái Đất". Mặc dù "Những đứa con của Trái Đất" được phát sóng liên tục trong 5 đêm giữa tuần, bộ phim vẫn nhận được tỉ suất cao tại Anh Và cả nước ngoài. Mùa thứ tư được đồng sản xuất bởi BBC Whale, BBC Worldwide, và kênh truyền hình trả tiền Starz của Hoa Kỳ lên sóng trong năm 2011 với tựa đề "Torchwood: Ngày kỳ tích". Được đặt cả tại xứ Wales và Hoa Kỳ Ngày kỳ tích bị đánh gia kem hơn hai series trước mặc dù vẫn được tán dương nhờ tham vọng của nó. Vào tháng 10 năm 2012, Davies thông báo rằng do lý do cá nhân bọ phim sẽ đi vào tình trạng gián đoạn vô thời hạn. [3] [4]

Cả bốn phần phim đều được phủ sóng tại châu Á, Úc, New Zealand, châu Âu, và Bắc Mỹ. Sở hữu sự nổi tiếng từ sớm của Torchwood, nhiều loại hình giải trí đã được sản xuất, [5] bao gồm truyện audio, tiểu thuyết và truyện tranh. Ngay từ đầu, BBC đã đầu tư một khoản lơn cho sự hiện diện của bộ phim. với một trò chơi thực tại thay thế chạy song song với hai phần đầu cả bộ phim, và một chương trình hoạt hình trên web chạy song song với mùa thứ tư. Đài BBC tiếp tục chấp thuận cấp pháp cho một các bộ phim ăn theo khác sau kết thúc của Torchwood bao gồm cả loại chương trình truyện audio của Big Finish Productions.

Powers & Abilities

In its natural form, the sex gas was a thick pink-purple gas with high concentrations of vorax and ceranium, which could move about at will. It could not survive in the atmosphere of Earth for very long and would quickly become a pink powder.

In order to survive, the gas would enter another organism through the mouth and nostrils. Whilst inside a human or a rat, the sex gas caused a variety of changes, both mental and physical. The host became physically more attractive and carnally irresistible. The host gained an enormous sex drive, with limitless libido allowing them to engage in sexual acts for as long as they desire without strain.

The host developed special pheromones which were irresistible to others, they acted as an overpowering aphrodisiac capable of sexually arousing anything, naturally inducing pleasure and desire while subtly lifting inhibitions. The host was able to use the pheromones to easily induce the sensation of sexual orgasm in themselves or others at will. Mentally the host developed an instinctive mastery of seduction, sexual and carnal techniques for any partner.

However, when it inhabited Carys Fletcher, she would only willingly have sex with men.

Internally, the heart and brain would increase in size and the lungs shrink, which eventually would cause an explosion and kill the host. Owen Harper referred to the process to becoming "rat jam" after testing the effects to the gas on lab rats.

Watch the video: Torchwood Soundtrack - Ianto Jones theme Medley. Extended version - Serie 3 (May 2022).