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Marie Louise Dissard

Marie Louise Dissard

Marie Louise Dissard was born in Toulouse in 1880. When France surrendered to Germany in 1940 Dissard joined the French Resistance.

At first Dissard worked under Ian Garrow, a soldier in the British Army, who had missed the Dunkirk evacuation and remained in France where he arranged an escape route over the Pyrenees. Although based in Toulouse it had key stations in Paris, Marseilles and Perpignan.

In October, 1941 Garrow was captured and imprisoned. Albert Guerisse took over at head of the network and when he was arrested, Dissard became the new leader.

As an elderly woman, the Gestapo did not suspect Dissard was a member of the French Resistance. She was able to travel around France to arrange for Allied airmen to get back to England. This involved escorting them to Toulouse where she arranged their lodgings. They were then moved to Perpignan where they were handed over to the Pyrenees guides.

In January 1944, one of the guides was arrested in Perpignan. Contrary to the rules of the network he was carrying a notebook that contained Dissard's name. She was now forced into hiding and lived in a variety of attics, cellars and garages in Toulouse until France was liberated.

During the Second World War Dissard arranged for over 250 Allied airmen to return to England. Of these, 110 were helped while the Gestapo were looking for her in 1944. After the war Marie Louise Dissard was awarded the American Medal of Freedom.

Marie Louise Dissard - History

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Marie (Louise) DISSARD

  • Claude ROCHE 1869-1870
  • Marie ROCHE 1872-1959
  • François-Régis ROCHE 1873-1874
  • Pierre ROCHE 1874-
  • François-Régis ROCHE 1876-
  • François ROCHE 1879-
  • Marie Joséphine ROCHE 1882-1965

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Archduchess Marie-Louise of Austria was born in 1791 to Archduke Francis of Austria and his second wife, Maria Theresa of Naples and Sicily. Her father became Holy Roman Emperor a year later as Francis II. Marie-Louise was a great granddaughter of Empress Maria Theresa through her father and thus a great niece of Marie Antoinette. She was also a maternal granddaughter of Queen Maria Carolina of Naples, Marie Antoinette’s favorite sister.

Marie-Louise’s formative years overlapped with a period of conflict between France and her family she was thus brought up to detest France and French ideas. She was influenced by her grandmother Maria Carolina, who despised the French Revolution that ultimately caused the death of her sister, Marie Antoinette. Maria Carolina’s Kingdom of Naples also came into direct conflict with French forces led by Napoleon. The War of the Third Coalition brought Austria to the brink of ruin, increasing Marie-Louise’s resentment towards Napoleon. The Imperial family was forced to flee Vienna in 1805 Marie-Louise took refuge in Hungary and later Galicia before returning to Vienna in 1806. Napoleon also contributed directly to the final dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire and Maria-Louise’s father relinquished the title of Holy Roman Emperor although he remained Emperor of Austria. Another war broke out between France and Austria in 1809, resulting in another defeat for the Austrians. The Imperial family had to flee Vienna again.

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Deputy Manager (Proviseur Adjoint)

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L'Ecole primaire publique Marie-Louise Dissard offre un taux d'encadrement de 1 instituteur pour 21 primaires du CP jusqu'en CM2 (2018-2019).

Pyramide des âges

À l'Ecole primaire publique Marie-Louise Dissard, la tranche d'âge la plus représentée est celle des 50-60 ans avec 9 professeurs des écoles sur 18 enseignants au total au sein de l'établissement.

Mixité du corps enseignant

89% des professeurs des écoles de l'Ecole primaire publique Marie-Louise Dissard sont des femmes.

Marie Antoinette: Life at Versailles

Life as a public figure was not easy for Marie Antoinette. Her marriage was difficult and, as she had very few official duties, she spent most of her time socializing and indulging her extravagant tastes. (For example, she had a model farm built on the palace grounds so that she and her ladies-in-waiting could dress in elaborate costumes and pretend to be milkmaids and shepherdesses.) Widely circulated newspapers and inexpensive pamphlets poked fun at the queen’s profligate behavior and spread outlandish, even pornographic rumors about her. Before long, it had become fashionable to blame Marie Antoinette for all of France’s problems.

Louis and Marie’s sole surviving daughter became Queen of France — for 20 minutes

Marie Therese remained in prison, with little information about her family’s fate, until just before her 17th birthday in December 1795. Released after the end of the Reign of Terror, she was initially sent to her mother’s native Austria.

In 1799, at the insistence of her uncle (who had styled himself Louis XVIII after Louis-Charles’ death), she married his heir, her first cousin Louis, Duc d𠆚ngouléme. It was an unhappy marriage, which was never consummated. The couple spent several years in exile in Great Britain, before returning to France in 1814, when Louis XVIII became king following the abdication of Napoleon Bonaparte, in what became known as the Bourbon Restoration.

The tragedies of her life, unsurprisingly, left Marie Therese a suspicious, somewhat embittered woman. She despaired over the litany of imposters who demanded that she recognize them as her brother. She was forced to flee France on several occasions, as the restored Bourbon monarchy’s hold became increasingly tenuous. In 1824, following Louis XVIII’s death, her husband became heir to the throne.

Six years later, during the 1830 Revolution, her husband briefly became King Louis XIX when his father abdicated. Marie became queen — until her husband, in turn, abdicated less than half an hour later, in favor of his nephew. She spent the rest of her life in exile, bouncing between royal courts. She died, aged 72, in October 1851, and was buried next to her husband in what is now Slovenia.

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